Personal Service by caring professionals

Many people put off seeking the advice of a lawyer until a legal matter gets tangled, involved and expensive. The truth is, legal difficulties often need not be complicated or costly if advice is sought early on. Laws can be confusing, can vary from state to state, and are frequently in the midst of change. Your lawyer at Haber & Haber, LLP, knows how to advise you. It is as important to have a good lawyer as it is to have a competent family physician. Haber & Haber, LLP can safeguard your rights, and for that reason, your financial well being, and your property.

We are a full service, experienced law firm with a prestigious reputation. Our attorneys and staff are well known for providing personal service by caring professionals. The firm has a long track record of offering knowledgable advice and providing trusted counsel. We have convenient offices in Garden City and Saint James. We are equipped to service clients throughout Nassau and Suffolk County, Westchester, as well as the boroughs of New York City. We will provide you with quality legal representation at reasonable rates.

Can you handle legal matters yourself without an attorney? Certainly, that is your right, but as Abraham Lincoln once said, “A man who plays his own lawyer has a fool for a client.” Be wary of Do-It-Yourself kits that are available for getting a divorce or forming a business. In the end, they are not likely to save you money, and may become a source of considerable aggravation.

If you have any questions or want to speak with someone personally, please feel free to contact us. After hours appointments are available.